We offer individualized support for taxpayers that have medical debt, helping them to reduce the amount of the debt. The following are important steps in the process of medical debt resolution:

  • If you don't have health insurance and left a medical institution after receiving medical attention you must have in consideration the Health Safety Net health coverage is not health insurance, and you could receive a bill in the mail after your release.
  • You must request an itemized bill of services, that kind of bill specifies how much was charged to you for particular services as ambulance transportation, medications, medical procedures, physician attention, etc.
  • Not all the items in the medical bill can be negotiated but some of them, that will reduce the amount of the total debt.
  • After you receive the itemized bill you should contact the Financial Director of the medical institution that gave you attention, most hospitals, including private medical institutions have funds designated to help patients that can not pay all their medical bill.
  • A resource for taxpayers looking for advise in this matter is the Health Law Advocates organization, this is a non profit organization as well, it is a public interest law firm whose mission is to provide pro bono legal representation.

medical debt is THE first reason for bankruptcy in the us

You can negotiate portions of your itemized medical bill to reduce the amount of the debt

CONTACT the medical institution to request an itemized bill of services